Little Nippers

For children of 3 – 4 years

Our Little Nipper programmes encompass all aspects of the fundamentals of swimming. Big Piranha leads the little Nippers on an adventure, exploring a world of fun and play to excite their way to water confidence!

Watch little tots evolve into little fish before your very eyes; mastering the art of floating, going underwater, movement and water safety.

A great introduction to the world of water!

Little Piranhas

For children of 4 years +

Our Little Piranhas ASA Stage lead swim school is unique to every last detail.

The Big Piranhas are dynamic and exploding with personality – spreading their infectious energy! They invite the Little Piranhas to join them on the ultimate aquatic adventure!

From confidence and foundation skills to lifesaving- the Piranha experience provides your children with an adventure of a lifetime. Master the art of floating, developing breathing techniques, the four strokes, water skills, personal survival and competition- all developed in fun and exciting tasks!

Our lessons come with the Piranha Promise… we guarantee progression and development with every lesson! We ensure that you are kept up to speed on your child’s development weekly, providing you with top tips to maximise results!

We guarantee to get your children excited about swimming and provide them with a lifelong skill.

One to one Lessons

Piranha’s Swim School provides individual one to one tuition for children between the ages of 3 months to 11 years. These sessions allow your child to get the most out of the lesson and the session can be solely adapted to their individual needs and learning. One to one means we can get in the water with your child and provide them with essential coaching throughout every second of the lesson. There is no denying that one to one tuition is the most effective and quickest way for your child to learn and progress through the swimming stages. The main benefit of one to one is that it enables your child to put their complete trust in their Instructor which increases their rate of development.

Piranha’s Pairs

Piranha’s can also offer sessions for two children of similar ability whilst also reducing the cost. This allows you to take the benefits of an individual session, whilst also implementing group learning as the children can watch and learn from one another. This is perfect for twins, siblings of a similar age or children and their friends.

Adult lessons

Piranha’s have now introduced swimming lessons for adults.
 Whether you are unable to swim or just would like to improve your strokes.  Don’t miss out on the fun you could be having in the water.  You never know it may save your life one day!  
One to One or Pairs lessons available.